Web design for Somerset online retailer Brick Tanks

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If you’re a fan of Lego then you’ll love this website!

We’ve provided a visual make-over for Brick Tanks, which is an online retailer in Somerset. Web design that’s engaging is essential to attract and hook the right type of customer – and when it comes to toys it needs to be both fun and put the product in its perfect context.

Web design is a powerful selling tool

Brick Tanks sell the Cobi range of Lego-compatible brick sets, featuring historic and current models of tanks, ships, planes, subs and much more. While the products are essentially toys, and a popular choice for Grannies looking to get the grandchildren something educational, they are also sought-after by enthusiasts (both as models and as collectibles). The latter create and photograph some extraordinary MOCs (‘my own creation’) which Brick Tanks put up on their Facebook page. It’s quite a community, and while Brick Tanks has customers across the UK they are selling brick sets across the world.

brick tanks website somerset

The website is built using the leading e-commerce platform, Shopify. As well as designing the new look for the site, we applied the graphic templates to the Shopify install. While we tend to work in WordPress, this is the second Shopify site we’ve worked on this year (2020).

We’re also supporting this client’s whole marketing activity, looking at how they use tools such as Google Ads/Google Merchant Center, Facebook Ads and more to drive traffic to the site and maximise margin. We’re also looking at branding up their Somerset offices.

See more at https://bricktanks.co.uk

brick tanks website graphic

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