Copywriting, copyediting and content creation

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Are you looking for a copywriting agency? Oxygen started life as a copywriting agency in Devon, and this has influenced our capabilities when it comes to writing copy and developing brand communications.

Marketing strategy sits as the heart of what we do as a full service agency. So whether we’re thinking about a tactical marketing plan, a long-term communications strategy, or which traditional and digital channels are right for you, we’ll be thinking about giving you an edge. We handle internal marketing and external marketing campaigns.

In summary we provide:

Website copywriting and content creation

Search engine optimised copy

Long copy for brochures and direct marketing

Short copy for ads, straplines and taglines

Scripts for videos, ads and events

Newsletters and emailers

Blogs and social media updates

Press releases and PR copy.


Why engage with an agency?

Copywriting is a skill that underpins marketing communications, yet many agencies do not have copywriters on staff. We have taken a very different approach since we started in business in 2002.

We use the ‘message’ to drive the look and feel. In other words, we like to think about your audience, the tone of voice they’ll be receptive to, and the core messages that will drive a response. When we add the design and graphics the collateral becomes far more credible and compelling.

The advantage of working with an agency that has copywriting skills in-house is that we can think holistically about how the words and images work together, from the outset. This applies whether we’re working on advertising, print or digital campaigns.

Copywriting means ‘content’, right?

Quite a few clients that come to Oxygen are looking for a content agency. For some this means an agency that understands copywriting and that can draft content for the web and email. For others they’re seeking a range of content items that can be used in various ways, such as digital and social media.

In this context, videos, photos and illustrations are equally as important as the copy – but of course all these forms of content can work together to create more powerful communications.

It’s one of the advantages of using an agency over freelancers, since you’ll get a joined-up approach to what you need, as well as one which is responsive to tactical as well as strategic needs. One of our values is “we work together as one team”, which sums this up neatly. Speak with Steve Lodge, who heads up our copywriting output, on 01884 255999 to discuss your plans.

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