Video production and animation

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Video is not a luxury. It’s expected – and at high quality.

Videos and animations are the perfect way to deliver messages that are engaging and targeted and, when high quality, they reflect well on your brand. The key is getting the style right, so that the video fits with your values and objectives. From live action footage to crafted and animated illustrations, we can provide the complete, competitive video production package.

Oxygen takes a creative view and has wide-ranging experience. From creating 30-second animations using illustrations and stock footage to taking a production team to Cumbria and Spain, we’ve helped clients in every imaginable way.

In summary our video services include:

Live action filming

Illustration and animation

Animating CAD and SolidWorks


Voiceovers and soundtracks

Video blogs (vlogs).



Video’s place in the marketing toolkit

While video is nothing new, it is being used in many fresh and engaging ways. Motion graphics on a website home page, for example, create a more dynamic feel for an organisation. Even a few seconds of video can bring products and services to life in a way that text and photography cannot.

Blogs and video interviews can help your messages cut through in a world where people consume information in seconds, and animations can explain complex processes quickly and accurately.

At Oxygen we’re skilled in every aspect of video production, and have the creativity to develop the perfect solution. We’re also ISO certified for our video production services.

How have our clients used us for video production?

• Hertz has used us us to create short videos for use on aircraft and in airport lounges for airlines such as Etihad and Air France. See an example video here.

• We’ve created presentations incorporating video and animations to enhance client messages and engage their audience. This has included video screens at exhibitions and events.

• Clients have engaged us to create video blogs and news, because websites and news media are increasingly looking for video as an alternative to editorial. See this example we created, which was the first ever Edie vlog.

• Claims Consortium Group wanted a mailer to promote a new digital product. What better than a video mailer to align their credentials. See it in action here.