Branding and graphic design

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If you need a graphic design agency that has high-level experience with top brands, then you’ve found us.

We’re strong in corporate and brand identity for organisations looking to stand out from the crowd. We apply brand and graphics to virtually all types of media – and we have the experience to make the first impression last.

In summary we offer:

Corporate identity and branding

Stationery design

Advertising and promotions

Direct marketing and mail

Presentations incorporating motion graphics

Web and email.


Why engage with an agency like Oxygen?

We take a different approach to brand and design. In actual fact, it tends to start with the copy. If we focus on your audience and the message, it is much easier to apply powerful graphics to your proposition – whether it’s your logo, or marketing collateral.

It’s the advantage of being a full-service agency. We’re an integrated team that applies the right thinking to a project. We think around a brief – often writing the brief ourselves – which adds value to our output.

Often we work directly with marketing directors and managers… but we also find that companies without marketing staff find us easy to work with, because we can step in and assist with the planning and strategy. This gives us a clear understanding of what you need – and that avoids wasted time, flabby invoices and disappointing results!

Why is an ISO-accredited design agency important?

Oxygen is ISO9001 certified for our graphic design and branding services. In short this means we’ve worked hard on our processes and procedures to ensure we provide a quality service. We’ve scored 100% for customer satisfaction since 2012 in our independent assessments, which is not down to chance. It’s about delivering a great service that meets your expectations.

We also have ISO27001, which in a design context means you can rely on our design-driven approach to digital output. That could mean websites, but also emails, presentations and apps where data and security can be incredibly important.

We’re working with organisations of all types across the UK and beyond, because distance is not a challenge for us. Speak with Malcolm Buttel, who has led our design and digital team since 2005 and really knows his onions – white onions being a close match to Pantone 9180. Call him on 01884 255999 to discuss your plans.