Marketing strategy, planning and implementation


Much of what makes a strategy work is in the planning and the experience of your marketing agency.

Marketing strategy sits as the heart of what we do as a full service agency. So whether we’re thinking about a tactical marketing plan, a long-term communications strategy, or which traditional and digital channels are right for you, we’ll be thinking about giving you an edge. We handle internal marketing and external marketing campaigns.

In summary we provide:

Marketing consultancy and review

Marketing planning and strategy

Marketing research for products or companies

Online marketing and digital strategy

Social marketing, word of mouth and nudge theory

Social media and search (SEO).


What is marketing, anyway?

As a marketing communications agency, we often find clients are unsure what we actually do – and some are unclear on what marketing is. It’s hardly surprising, because the world does not often draw the distinction between marketing and the communications themselves.

The way we look at it is simple. Marketing is the thinking. It’s the planning and strategy work that we provide when you ask us to achieve an objective. The objective could be selling more widgets, improving your presence in the market, elevating your reputation or sometimes getting ready for sale of the business.

The piece of work that follows is the broader aspect of ‘marketing communications’. Brochures, adverts, press releases, tweets, emails, award submissions, exhibitions… the list is almost endless. Whether we do the marketing, or you bring your plans to us, we can work with you on the marketing communications!

What makes Oxygen different from any other agency?

We’ve had ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO 27001) since 2009. They cover all of our services – which means all of our communications output is literally up to world-class standards. When we look at your objectives we are not pigeon-holed into offering just PR, just design, just copywriting. We offer what’s right for you to meet that objective at the right cost or timeframe.

That’s the advantage of Oxygen being a full-service marketing communications agency. Choice. It helps us provide rounded advice that is ‘all of market’ so that you can make better decisions and be found in the right places. Since all our services dovetail with our ISO-certified processes and procedures, it’s a holistic and integrated approach that really works.

To find our more about what we do as a marketing agency, speak with Katie Sanders. She’s qualified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and loves decent coffee. Call her on 01884 255999 to discuss your plans.