To rebrand or not? Ask our estate agency client in Devon.

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Marketing advice is all part of the service here at Oxygen, so when Alison at Keenors approached us for a full rebrand, we wanted to know why, what she wanted to achieve and what she didn’t like about the current brand.

She told us she actually liked her current brand and felt it was well recognised. But another marketing firm had advised her that to evolve she’d need to rebrand.

We challenged this view. The brand looked good, it was well known, and it fit the business. We suggested a tweak instead. An evolution. Keenors no longer needed to state that on their logo that they are an estate agent. Everyone local to them knows that. So we simply dropped that from the name and made a few minor tweaks to the brand structure, colours and formatting to bring it up to date.

When do you need a rebrand?

Brand tweaks aren’t always the right option. Sometimes a rebrand is needed. We did this to our own brand 10+ years ago when we realised we’d evolved so far from where we started that the brand no longer fit who we were. The point is, it all depends on the brand itself – how your brand is positioned, whether it accurately reflects your business or where you want your business to be. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve from changing it and what’s involved in the process.

As a full-service agency we’re here to ask those questions and to challenge the process where needed, so we can be sure we deliver what’s ‘right’ for you.

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