Oxygen goes virtual

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Today (October 1st 2021) is a big day for Oxygen – but it seems like very little is changing. How come, you ask?

After nearly 20 years of ‘going to work’, we have gone virtual. While we own our offices in Tiverton we’ve leased them to another company. Working virtually has been something that has seemed very comfortable to us for the past 18 months, and we’ve decided that it’s a leaner way to work.

Of course we’ll miss pizza Tuesday and seeing the team face to face, but actually we talk loads via Slack and are messaging and keeping track of projects even more than we did in the office. Our phones ring with office calls just as they did before, and despite the team being dotted across the South West (with one of us even having relocated to Greece at the start of the pandemic) it’s just like picking up the office phone.

And in addition to video calls we’re still visiting clients at your locations, and having face-to-face meetings in places that are convenient for everyone – from Costa to hotel bars!

We’d welcome feedback from our customers on how they think Oxygen working virtually is going, but we again scored very highly for service in our recent customer survey so we hope that’s a gimme.

The photo shown is of a graphic still on the wall at our offices, and it’s sad to say goodbye to it – but it’s also on our website and our communications tools so we certainly won’t be forgetting our company values!

Steve, Malcolm, Katie and team


oxygen goes virtual