Love is in the air for World Emoji Day

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Today is World Emoji Day. Whether you’re a social media expert or an email person, these symbolic icons will have graced your screens daily. There are more than 2,800 emojis currently available, but which are used most frequently and how many do we send each day?  
According to the infographic below, released by Facebook in advance of today’s celebrations, we send over 900 million emojis – without text – and use more than 700 million emojis in Facebook posts every day.
As for our favourite emojis, it seems it’s all about love for most of us. Three of the top six most used emojis across Facebook and Messenger are loved up – 😍 😘 ❤️ – and it was revealed that people are using the heart emoji twice as much this year as they did last year.
Social media sites have a lot to celebrate, with emojis becoming a staple part of social media use, but how else are others celebrating?
Celebrating World Emoji Day
To mark the day, Apple announced yesterday that it would be releasing more than 70 new emojis for iOS. These include lobsters, cupcakes and even a redhead. Let’s hope that Android and Google follow suit so that we can all enjoy these new additions to our emoji keyboard!
Emojipedia is also hosting its annual World Emoji Day Awards, with the 2018 announcements for Best New Emoji, Most Anticipated Emoji and Emoji of the Year due to be released later on today.
Happy Emoji Day everyone!

Facebook World Emoji Day infographic