Google is no longer a teen, but a giant of our age

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The difficult teenage years

It’s been two decades since Google was created by graduates Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a garage, and the world has changed immensely since the creation of their search engine. In fact, some would argue that the company itself now dominates the world we live. The ability to ‘google’ something, and rivalry with Microsoft and Yahoo, helped it gain notoriety and mould it into the giant we know today.
‘In August 1996, Backrub became Google, a play on the term ‘googol’, meaning the large number 10 to the power of 100’. Since the ‘algorithm was devised to give more weight to links that came from more authoritative pages – the more backlinks a site had, the more likely it was to be a good source’. (The Guardian)

Google search, Google mail, Google maps

Google has grown up a lot. Although the primary colours remain the same, ‘the company has added a ton of new products, including Gmail, the world’s most popular webmail product, and Android, which powers most of the world’s smartphones’. (Business Insider)
It’s early success in the search engine sector and AdWords, inevitably meant Google would become a dominant player in the advertising and marketing sphere, while managing to also become both a brand and a verb in their own right.

What’s the future? Google it. 

Google’s move into hardware ‘may represent a further advance in its ownership of consumer interactions’ meaning Google gets ever closer to becoming our main interface to the world. (

It’s predicted that in the future Google will continue to offer advertisers more targeted efficiency, due to the growth of cloud devices allowing a huge amount of online behaviour data to be gathered and catagorised into micro audience groups. Ultimately, Google enables marketers to understand customer behavior better and provide dynamic creative responses.
Technology seeks to better our lives and the advancement of human endeavor in the sector will never cease. Google have invested hugely in the artificial intelligence market so perhaps the instantaneous answer we currently get from ‘Googling it’, may only get more tangible.
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