WordPress 5.4 incoming…

. . . . . . . . . . . .

There’s a brand new WordPress update coming at the end of March which means major changes to how the Gutenberg block editor is used. WordPress 5.4’s enhanced features promise to convince those that currently use the Classic Editor to convert to the more dynamic Gutenberg editor.

Here at Oxygen, we love WordPress – we use it for building nearly all of our clients’ websites. It’s easy for our clients to use and provides great flexibility should you want to scale up or add functionality.

The updates to the block editor include:

• a new social icon block with additional icons (39 in total).

• a new buttons block for enhanced call-to-actions.

• an embed feature for TikTok videos.

• improved block colouring options including being able to choose a heading colour with a simple click and choosing multiple text colours in the same paragraph.

• image editor improvements including bulk-adjustment of images in a gallery and a drag-and-drop featured image setting.

• the ability to add a caption to the bottom of a table.

• fixed-width columns.

And that’s not all. There’s also going to be major accessibility improvements:

• Better focus management in Menu, Customizer and Site Health screens to fix existing keyboard navigation issues.

• Easer media modal keyboard navigation.

• An easier to read privacy policy.

We think that these updates are a great step forward in making WordPress a more accessible development platform for everyone, and we’re looking forward to seeing the changes in practice.

You can read more from WordPress here.