New kid on the social media block

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Social media, or social networking, is a very difficult market to try and get your foot into. Most platforms have a dedicated following, and new apps often struggle to get the following they need to be successful.
That being said, it seems there is a new social media platform currently trying to penetrate the market. Vero is a photo-sharing app, similar to Instagram, and promises to be ’the social network for anyone’.

Smarter social media

Vero is gaining interest for its ‘smarter’ approach to social networking. It is ad-free and algorithm-free, allowing users more control over what they share, who sees it and what they see themselves.
This is Instagram’s biggest challenge, with some of its 800 million users starting to protest over its new algorithms which decide what order you see posts in, rather than appearing chronologically.

One to watch

So, will it take off? Despite a peak in interest, Vero still has a long way to go before it catches up to the following of Facebook and Instagram. Although it’s currently offering free subscriptions, it does state that it will require users to pay a subscription fee in the future – that will ultimately put a lot of users off.
For businesses we would suggest to hold your horses before creating accounts. Vero’s future remains very uncertain, and while it has created usability for businesses by allowing them to sell directly through the app, you’re not going to get the following you need for it to be effective at the moment.
We never say never though, and it’s certainly one to keep an eye on over the next 6 months.