Make your website work harder during the crisis

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Here at Oxygen, it’s pretty much ‘business as usual’ – but we know that many companies are having to really adapt and change their ways of working to keep afloat.

You might be thinking that there isn’t really anything you can do differently. But during times like these, your online presence is more important than ever. So it’s vital to think outside of the box when it comes to utilising your website and making it work harder in your (physical) absence. These changes may become the norm for your business and enhance your effectiveness.

Smart website design doesn’t need to cost the earth – and could prove to be a quick win for your business.

Oxygen can help businesses adapt to ‘business self-isolation’ with online tools that can help maintain and diversify their offering. There’s plenty of things that we can help with, but here’s just a few ideas.

‘Adapt and survive’ web enhancements

Online document store

Make customer or sales documents, images, videos and other resources available as a replacement for physically posting or handing them over. Log who gets them, add security and access control, tie them in to other workflow processes.

Online payments

Take payments securely online, tied in to physical work or other sales processes. Or create a simple, secure payment page people can submit payments to by credit card which trigger an email or download.

Selling or giving away virtual products

Can you monetise advice, top tips, podcasts, tutorials or seminars, video blogs, updates, or industry news? Or can you make it available for free to boost profile and search?

Real-time chat on your website

Implement a live chat to assist with sales processes, customer support and answering queries. A great tool to show there’s a human face behind a web page.

Downloads zone

Create a downloads area, where the documents listed above or other exclusive content like whitepapers or industry reports is available. Get people to register for access, or implement time-limited offers on sign-ups.

Webinars, video chats, and virtual classes

Most businesses will have access to Skype and other tools, but you can set up regular webinars and meetings and include presentations and videos in your virtual room. A great way to get people to your website and stay there.

Support requests via a web page

Set up a page where customers can request help, queue for support or engage with you in other ways – such as writing reviews or requesting documents.

Home delivery…

…and this doesn’t just have to be for restaurants and takeaways! If you’re a craft supplies wholesaler for example, why not create some activity packs for customers to order and make at home? Similarly, food wholesalers could create easy, cook-at-home food kits complete with recipes.

Got an idea – or need one?

Whatever your offering, there really are a wealth of opportunities to make the web work harder. In all of the cases above we’ve created digital tools that make a positive difference. Some are bespoke, and some just require implementing plugins.

So, whether you don’t know where to start or just need assistance with bringing an idea to fruition, then we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.