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You know how when the words you right, just don’t feel write?

Copywriting – not copyrighting. Right?

So you’ve decided to invest in a new website. Maybe you’ve even picked out a web designer. Exciting (but why not us? Anyway…)!

But everyday you think about writing the copy for it, you find yourself prevaricating and loathe to start. You stare at the page, but less and less words come to mind. After all, you want to insure the affect is good and each word to be properly spelled. You don’t want your site visitors to be disinterested. Maybe you’d like to canvas opinion but are afraid it won’t be complementary. And after a while you founder because you’re inability to start becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Did you find yourself squirming?
English is tricky. It’s a glorious language with much richer vocabulary than many others, but some completely illogical rules of grammar and spelling. And somehow, even though we can all fall foul of the proper definitions when we write, we know instinctively if the English we read is incorrect. It just doesn’t feel right. Unfortunately, if you get it wrong, your customers will feel this too. The trouble is, computer spell and grammar checks rarely pick up on the more subtle errors you can make. And that’s where a professional copywriter or creative PR agency can really help.

Oxygen Creative Services’ copywriters can fill your customers with confidence
We all know that first impressions count. That’s all the more true on the web. The majority of visitors to your site won’t get past the homepage. And they’ll take just seconds to weigh your site up. You’ve only got those few seconds to reach out to them, and to assure them that you’re professional and that what you offer is something of quality. Unfortunately, even one of the mistakes that I deliberately made in the second paragraph will cause your customers to doubt your professionalism and put them off, if it appears on your website. That’s where a professional copywriter can help you.

Devon-based PR and Web Design firm Oxygen Creative Services can help
All this is something that our copywriters here at Oxygen Creative Services are very aware of. We can save you the headache of coming up with copy that appeals to your target markets, to make what you’re offering irresistible. And all that time you’d otherwise spend scratching your head with the dictionary. In addition, we have all the extra expertise to make sure the copy on your site gets you a higher ranking with search engines. Rather than simply being about what you offer, we can make sure your copy is user-friendly and turns visitors into customers.

Write it right…
Here are the words I misused in the second paragraph. See how many you spotted…

Loathe/Loth: You might loathe (violently dislike) writing copy, which makes you loth (reluctant) to do it.
Prevaricate/Procrastinate: That may make you procrastinate (put off starting or finishing) but I hope it wouldn’t mean that you’d prevaricate (lie or try to deceive) once you did!
Insure/Ensure: You’d like to ensure (make sure) the visitors that come to your site become customers, and not insure (guard against) them doing that.
Disinterested/Uninterested: And you’d like to make sure you’re site visitors aren’t uninterested (unengaged) when they read your copy. Whether they’re disinterested (impartial) or not, isn’t very important.
Affect/Effect: You want to affect (verb) your customers’ decisions with your copy. And you want to have an effect (noun) on them.
Spelled/Spelt: To have something spelled (verb) out, is not the same as making sure a word is correctly spelt (adjective).
Complementary/Complimentary: Hopefully feedback on your site will be complimentary (flattering) rather than complementary (matching something else well).
Canvas/Canvass: If you want to canvass (garner or solicit) opinion, you won’t get very far using a canvas (cloth, tent, or painting).
Founder/Flounder: You may flounder (struggle to stay afloat) when writing copy, but surely it isn’t so bad that you founder (are already sunk)?
Everyday/Every day: If you write copy every day it soon becomes an everyday occurrence.
Prophesy/Prophecy: You can prophesy (verb) that your copy will be inadequate, but only after you’ve said it, will it become a prophecy (noun).
Less and less/Fewer and fewer: If you can count each article e.g. words, people etc. then use ‘fewer and fewer’. If you can only measure volume (such as with a liquid or powder) use ‘less and less’.
Your/You’re: It’s your (possessive) website, so it’s important to make sure you’re (contraction of ‘you are’) happy with it.

But what about passion?
It isn’t just using words that are grammatically correct that’s important. They have to be the right ones too. Not just well chosen, but well calculated to appeal to your prospective customers. And to the spiders that scour the web in order to rank webpages. That’s where having an instinctive feel for the correct word really helps. We’re a creative agency that can give you expert advice on brand image and tone of voice, and naturally, it’s a skill that all the copywriters at Oxygen Creative Services have.

Call us…
So next time you’re struggling, or you need to make a splash on the web, take a breather and give Oxygen a call on 0845 260 6255. Especially when that word you want is right on the tip of your tongue. We can take your ideas and translate them into vibrant appealing copy. Because we know what you mean, no matter how you say it.

Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.