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Working with websites

Here at Oxygen we have a great team of web developers and digital specialists, so it’s no surprise that we’ve worked on lots of great website projects over the years.

Our output makes a small dent in the 1 billion websites live on the World Wide Web right now, and some are very popular in their sectors. But how can you be sure that your website is going to stand out among the masses? We have pulled together a quick checklist of things to consider when planning your new website, and some examples of websites we’ve recently created to give you some ideas.


When it comes to websites, images and videos can only go so far. Your main selling tool is your text, so making sure it is well crafted is a priority. Keep it simple and to the point, you want it to be easily readable with a clear purpose and call to action. It’s always worth bearing SEO – search engine optimisation – in mind when writing the copy, as using targeted keywords could boost your ranking in Google.

A good example of a website that we wrote the copy for is https://trucksmith.com/ – where the copy was integral to working out the best navigation.


Regardless of whether your website consists of 3 pages or 30, an easy navigation is essential to keeping your customers on the site. Make menus easy to see and not too crammed; you can always have drop down menus if needed. Also make sure it doesn’t take too long to get through to the important pages. The rule of three clicks is no myth and after a few clicks the customer will get fed up and may leave the site entirely.

When we were tasked to create a website for Heart of the South West LEP, where there are more than 20,000 pages of content available, we focused on a navigation that delivered as much of this content as possible within three clicks. http://heartofswlep.co.uk/

Target audience

It may seem like an obvious thing, to design your website around your target audience, but you would be surprised by how many websites are not. Different age groups, genders and interest groups are drawn to different things. For example, if your website is bright pink with flower graphics in the header, you might find your male audience losing interest quite quickly. Research your target audience and consider every detail to suit what they would respond to best.

We did this for Devon’s Children In Care Council when we developed SUSU – Stand Up Speak Up. The brand and the visuals target a youth audience. We took this one step further by allowing young users to choose their own graphic style for the site. https://www.standupspeakup.org.uk

As always, if you need help with creating a new website, give us a call on 01884 255 999 or visit the portfolio page to see some more examples of websites we’ve already made.

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