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WordPress, and all that jazz


What do Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, Pepper Adams, Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Django Reinhardt have in common? (Other than music,  that is).

They are a handful of the many jazz legends who have, over the years, lent their names to versions of WordPress. Why? Because the team of core developers at WordPress have a common love of jazz and they enjoy sharing this with their users as well as excellent software.

Sharing is at the centre of the WordPress community and, as seasoned WordPress developers, is one of the many reasons that WordPress is our CRM of choice – there is a feeling of being part of a shared experience when we use it. It’s intuitive, robust and can be adapted to pretty much any use you can think of.

A lot of these modifications can be made by using third party plugins ‘shared’ with the WordPress community. Many plugin authors (including ourselves) ask for nothing more than a bit of recognition via the voting system and maybe a like on Facebook or a mention on Twitter. Not really a lot to ask for many hours development is it?


Paul Barrett: Paul is a self-taught web developer and has been with Oxygen for 5 years. He has an unrivalled knowledge of PHP and open source web development.