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White Paper: Capitalising on Bristol 2015

How Bristol businesses can be part of the Bristol European Green Capital conversation

The Bristol 2015 European Green Capital Award is already sparking a massive conversation about how we work, how we spend and how we live.

The conversation is taking place on TV and radio, in newspapers, on social media, blogs and forums, and in the streets, schools, offices, cafés and bars of Bristol. Bristol 2015 can make Bristol a leader in sustainable urban living, empower local communities and raise Bristol’s international profile – attracting new talent, jobs and investment.

For businesses that engage with Bristol 2015 in the right way, there will be growth prospects way into the future. That’s why we have written a white paper that sets out The Oxygen Agency’s thoughts on how Bristol businesses can make meaningful contributions to the Bristol 2015 conversation. Importantly, in the document we also identify three types of firms who are at the greatest risk of missing out.

For a FREE copy of our white paper, please complete the form below and we’ll send you a link to download it.


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