Website and Graphic Design: Devon Firm Offers Important Advice

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Graphic Design Devon
Graphic Design Devon
To do, or not do it yourself? Building your own site yourself might save money, but, unless your website is designed to meet specific technical criteria and standards, it won’t attract large numbers of visitors. A website needs to be an integral part of your marketing strategy. And generally, only a professional web design firm has the expertise you’ll need to create one that’s properly integrated with the rest of your business. Oxygen Creative Services have an insider’s understanding of web and graphic design. So if you’re a local Devon or Somerset business that’s looking for guidance, why not give us a call?

Website and Graphic Design: Devon Company Takes Leadership Role

At Oxygen Creative Services, we understand the basic principles of sound website design. These are:

  1. Purpose,
  2. Usability/readability
  3. Optimisation/keyword usage

Our highly skilled web designers and developers know how to integrate all of them seamlessly into the finished result. Even if you already have a website, ask yourself this: Does your website contain the elements it needs to ensure top performance? Do you even know what those elements are? If not, then it’s a smart move to consider leaving your print and web-related activities in our capable hands.

Website and Graphic Design: Devon Firm Defines Purpose


A website isn’t just a pretty shop window. It’s essential to be clear about what you want your website to help you to achieve. Some clients need to get a specific message across to the public; others need to drive sales. Our brand managers, copywriters and web developers at Oxygen Creative Services know just the right questions to ask you, to help you to achieve your specific goals. For instance, if the website is about a product, one of your goals might be to explain the product’s key benefits, and then assist visitors to buy it. The purpose of your website’s FAQ (frequently asked questions) page might be to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend on mundane enquiries, enabling you to channel more resources into better customer service. Defining a specific purpose helps to drive the way a site is designed. If you’re a business that’s local to us in Devon, why not take full advantage of knowledge of purpose-driven website creation…
Website and Graphic Design: Devon Company Defines Usability and Readability

Usability and Readability

Text is harder to read on a screen. Glare and the angle of the screen conspire to slow reading down by 25%, making your website visitors more impatient. So good web design takes this into account by breaking large blocks of text down into smaller sections that are visually appealing. And by making sure copy is written in the ‘inverted pyramid’ style to make the content more easily scannable. The web experts at Oxygen Creative Services are skilled at designing and formatting web pages so that the content is easy to read. And written content needs to be not just user-friendly, but also eye-friendly. Ways to enhance usability and readability include using short paragraphs, writing in simple language, and using headers and sub-headers. The easier a page is to read, the more likely a visitor is to stay, and become a customer.

Website and Graphic Design: Devon Firm Defines Optimisation and Keyword Usage

Optimisation and Keyword Usage

Everybody wants a high ranking on search engines. But for a website to be high on search engine results pages, its keywords need to be skilfully integrated into its content. This ensures that people will find the website at the exact time they’re searching for the product or service it contains. The result? Large numbers motivated visitors who are ready to buy. The process is known a website optimisation, also called search engine optimisation (SEO), and it requires high-level technical skills. At Oxygen Creative Services, we know just how to achieve this.

Call for Oxygen…

So, in summary. A website needs a clear purpose, high usability, optimisation, and sound graphic design. And if juggling all those considerations seems rather too much, give Oxygen Creative Services a call on 0845 2606 255. We’re always ready to give you a hand.