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Storytelling with Corporate Video

Our creative team recently produced a corporate video for Rotolok, a Tiverton-based manufacturer of rotary valves and bulk handling specialists – you can watch it below.

Rotolok enjoys strong name recognition in its field, but the firm wanted to raise awareness of its history, background and tradition of reinvesting its profits in R&D and further growth. The corporate video brings this story to life. Featuring Rotolok founder Dan McCauley, it shows Rotolok’s top engineers at work, showcases their state-of-the-art equipment and visually represents how the company has expanded over the years.

Every company has a story.

What’s the best way to tell yours? We think there several reasons to consider corporate video as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Build your reputation and position yourself in the market

A corporate video is not quite the same as an advert. Products and services are a vital part of your story, but a corporate video allows for a broader narrative. What are your roots? Where do you sit in the overall marketplace? What sets you apart, and where is your business headed?

A corporate video will help your customers, employees, suppliers and other industry partners understand where you are coming from and where you are going.

Easy to make, share and watch

Digital technology has made it more cost-effective than ever to make a corporate video. Production values are still important, though – call us biased, but we wouldn’t recommend a DIY approach! However, we can find you a professional corporate video solution that matches your budget.

Once made, videos can be easily embedded in your website and posted on YouTube and other video sites. As Google owns YouTube, Google searches tend to favour YouTube videos. Attaching appropriate SEO keywords and tags can increase reach.

Corporate videos are also becoming more accessible. Nearly three in four UK businesses offer tablets as part of their IT device offering, according to a survey from Dell. Are your clients more likely to click on an attractive three-minute corporate video, or read a text-heavy brochure about your company’s history?

How to make a compelling corporate video

It’s important to think first about which audiences you are trying to reach. Are you targeting customers only, or do you want to reach employees, suppliers and other industry partners? Of course, remember that if it’s online, it will be visible to all.

Think about the personal and emotional dimension of your company’s history. What was the original inspiration to start the business? Who were the key players? Which obstacles have you overcome? Facts and figures are important, but a corporate video can tap into a deeper human narrative and elicit a more powerful response from the audience.

Finally, visuals are crucial. Whether your workplace is an office, factory or retail environment, Oxygen’s creative team can find eye-catching visuals that will tell a compelling and meaningful corporate story.

To talk about how your firm could benefit from corporate video, get in touch with our Creative Director Malcolm Buttel at malcolm@oxygenagency.co.uk.

Katie Sanders :Katie took a sales background into marketing, and holds chartered marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A devotee of PR she heads up our publicity team.

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