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Using Vine from Twitter: Creative ways to use Vine to market your business

Vine, which was launched in January, is being hailed as the latest social media platform to change the way you market your business. Here’s an Oxygen guide to making the most of this new format to build brand engagement and loyalty.

What is Vine from Twitter?

Vine is a video version of Twitter. Users download the free app to create an account. They can then film and post 6 second micro-videos which play automatically with sound on a loop. A bit like gifs with sound. Just as with a Twitter account, you can create a biog, follow others, and search for Vines you might like via categories, curated collections such as ‘most popular’, or by hashtag. And you can tag your own video Vines so that others can find you. Any Vines you post to Twitter will play automatically within your tweet. Users may respond to your Vine by sharing them, or with Vines of their own. They can also ‘like’ your Vine and comment underneath.


How can I use Vine to market my business?

Vine, just like Twitter, is a powerful way to connect with prospective customers and to build brand engagement. The key is to post content that’s well structured, well constructed and well targeted. Start by thinking about what you want your video to achieve. More leads? To create a buzz? To get users to share or respond? Next, work out what you will film to will achieve this? Remember that you’re not constructing an advert. The best Vines are ones that make people want to share (or re-tweet) them, and which appeal to them on an emotional level.

Ideas for Vines

Which storyline and accompanying images will actually help you to achieve your goals? It’s worth taking the time to plan your Vine out in order to make sure you are creating maximum impact. Write a micro-storyboard, with perhaps a screen for each second, or perhaps one for every 3 seconds. Use Vines to:

  • show people using your product or service – this can work as well as testimonials
  • give people a tour of your factory
  • showcase new product
  • give a ‘how to’ demonstration – people love genuinely useful tips
  • publicise an event at your store – to create a ‘must see’ vibe
  • animate your logo to remind people of your brand
  • canvass opinion – this will hopefully get you lots of video or comment responses
  • create an ‘aide memoir’ for your entire product range
  • show users with your product at specific times of year – such as summer barbecues or bonfire night
  • make news announcements – a kind of 6 second press release
  • chronicle the history or brand values of your company – using a ‘flick book’ of your past label designs for instance.

How should I approach Vine as a medium?

Companies adding Vine to their social media mix need to think carefully about how they’ll use Vine to supplement their existing marketing plans. Making the most of Vine means integrating it with your existing brand story, tone-of-voice, and look. As with any medium, it’s the high-quality, cleverly written and constructed films from brands that will be shared the most. If a film looks ‘home-made’ it has to be created that way purposefully because that’s what will appeal to customers most, and still contain a good enough structure to get its message across. And don’t forget to upload a great brand biog, and use well researched hashtags.

What sort of visual mix should I use for my business Vines?

Consider using animation, stop motion, speeded up film, animated logos and specially commissioned footage, depending on the established look of your brand and whatever helps to tell your story. Your film needs to visually appealing in small formats to fit the way users will view on smartphone screens. This is something a creative graphic designer will excel at. Here at Oxygen, we can provide imagery, animation and footage to suit your needs. We’re even offering HD aerial photography across Devon and Somerset this summer. Another advantage of using a professional service to create your business Vines is that you’re forced to focus on what you actually want to achieve, rather than creating and uploading on an ad hoc basis and leaving the conversion rate to chance.

If you need help creating Vines that get your business noticed give Oxygen Creative in Devon a call on 0845 2606 255. 

Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.