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Tea break chat with love island lover Sophie

In our next tea break chat we catch up with our marcomms executive, Sophie. She is a self-confessed ‘Love Island’ addict, and along with around 2.9 million other viewers, she felt the void from 9pm every evening once the popular show ended. We find out what she’s doing to fill the time, and what she enjoys about her role.

Hi Sophie. So it’s been a few months since Love Island finished, what have you been doing to fill the time since?

I’ve been attempting to step away from the TV and to fill the time with things that are better for me. I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm, so I try now to take an hour at the end of the day to sit with a book. I love the escape that reading can bring, and it’s a relaxing way to end the day.

Most evenings I’ll also be in the gym for an hour, or at an exercise class. That being said, I’m quite enjoying the new series of Doctor Foster and Bake Off, so the TV does feature still occasionally!

It sounds like you’re filling your time just fine. You’ve recently started a new exercise class, how are you getting on?       

I was told that yoga was supposed to be good for you ­– mentally and physically – so I’ve recently taken up a new yoga/pilates class. It’s hard work, but really rewarding.

I love being outdoors, so while I’m enjoying my yoga classes, I also enjoy running or getting out and about in the fresh air. Whenever I visit home I enjoy being able to take the dogs out for long strolls over the fields, or exploring the gorgeous Devonshire countryside when I have a free weekend.

So, how did you become a marketing executive?

I studied advertising at university, and really enjoyed the strategy side to my projects. We were lucky that we got to work with real clients on different projects, so I was able to explore different aspects of marketing and PR while also learning to work with a client, and collaborate with peers.

I’m also a bit of a social media addict, and this knowledge has helped me a lot in my role. I spend a lot of time exploring all of the different platforms, and I’m sad to admit that I actually get quite excited about new apps or trends!

Well we know who to come to when we need to know about the latest social media platforms! If you had to swap places with someone else in the office, who would it be? 

I’m a big fan of anything digital, so for me it would have to be our digital director, Malcolm. It would be amazing to create a video or a website and to see the finished product displayed on screen, knowing that I had created it from scratch.


Thanks marcomms executive Sophie! Next up is Digital Director, Malcolm. We find out what life is like when he steps away from the computer and what he does with his spare time.

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