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Tea break chat with: Katie

For our second tea break chat, we caught up Oxygen’s PR Director Katie to discuss life outside of work, why she thinks she would make a great coder, and how she found her way into marketing.

Hi Katie! So you’re usually first in the office most days, are you a huge morning person or do you have another reason for being in so early?

I’ve always been a morning person but these days I get up a lot earlier than I would like! I have two young children – a 2 year old and a 3 year old – who like me to wake up nice and early so that we can start our day with a few episodes of Peppa Pig. By the time I get to the office I’ve been awake for hours!

This morning I‘ve been visiting my horse too, another one of my wake-up calls.

Do you spend a lot of time outside of work with your horse?

In between spending time at home with the family and work, I don’t have much time left, but when I can I will be down at the yard with Raymond (the horse) – he’s the other man in my life!

Growing up in the countryside I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors, and I’ve been riding since I was young. I bought Raymond last year – the first horse I’ve actually owned – and I love enjoying the outdoors with him. Riding is pure downtime, when I’m totally in the moment and not thinking about work.

…and did you want to be a professional rider when you were young?

I’m not sure I really knew what I wanted to do, but growing up I think I only ever wanted to do something with or related to horses!

So how did you go from young horse rider to successful marketing professional?

I sort of landed into the world of marketing, but realised that I actually enjoyed it and was quite good at it, so I stayed!

My first marketing job was for an importer of luxury motorboats. I got to travel quite a bit, and spending time in Scandinavia, and working at major boat shows. From there I worked in healthcare marketing before setting up my own marketing consultancy in Somerset. I worked closely with Oxygen and then officially joined the company in 2011.

Finally, if you could swap places with anyone in the office, who would it be?

I genuinely love my job – seeing the effect that great marketing has on a business is what gets me out of bed in the morning (well that and the kids!). But if I had to swap jobs with one of my colleagues it would have to be with Jim who is one of our web and video developers.

Although I do a lot of marketing and PR planning in my role, good marketing has to be both reactive and proactive, so things change frequently, and my role can be pretty crazy at times. I love the variety if I’m honest, and the ability to be creative but I’m naturally a really methodical person and I work well with structure. I think this trait would make me a good back-end developer.


Thanks for chatting Katie. Next up we’ll be talking to our Designer, Emma, finding out how she’s getting on with training her new puppy and the plans for her upcoming wedding! Watch this space.

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