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Tea break chat with: Jim

We caught up with our Digital Developer, Jim, over a cup of tea to find out what he does outside of Oxygen-life, how he got into web development and video production, and who in the office he would choose to swap places with.

So, Jim, what do you do outside of work?

Aside from general life admin and parenting my daughter, I teach at my local martial arts club. I started training at the club 25 years ago and currently hold a 5th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) and a 3rd degree in Hapkido (Korean joint-locking). I’m aiming to achieve my 6th dan this year too. I became the Tang Soo Do instructor for our club in 1999, and took over the Hapkido class a few years later. I really enjoy the instructor element, seeing my students – ranging from 7+ to adults – improve on their own skills, as well as flexing my own.

During the winter or in bad weather I’ll be indoors playing on my Xbox, but as soon as the weather turns I’m out on the rivers fishing – I’m looking forward to getting back outdoors now that the season has started!

Well, we didn’t realise we had a ninja in our ranks! Focusing on your role here, what led you to choose digital development?      

I realised early on while I was at university that I was good at ‘interactive multimedia’, as it was called back then, and anything digital or development came relatively easy to me, so it was a clear path to go down when I graduated.

…and was it what you wanted to be ‘when you grew up’?

I’m not sure I really knew what I wanted to be growing up! I did have ambitions to work in the TV or film industry, but soon realised that I wasn’t as good at film as some of my peers – so changed direction. I still do a lot of video production though, so my dreams haven’t been entirely shattered.

If you could choose your own skills and switch jobs with someone else in the office, who would it be?

It would have to be our designer, Emma. I like to describe myself as ‘creative’ with a lower-case ‘c’ – I enjoy design, but I’m not a ‘Creative’ like Emma is!

What are the most memorable projects you’ve worked on during your career?

I’ve been really lucky to work with some amazing brands during my 17 years in this industry, some of which include Toyota, Rolls Royce, JCDecaux and Wrigley’s. All of the projects I work on are memorable in their own way, but it’s pretty cool to work with high profile names.


Thanks Jim! Don’t miss our next tea break chat, where we will get to know our Publicity Director, Katie.

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