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Tea break chat with: Malcolm

Our digital director Malcolm is always up to something in his spare time – be that a bike ride or a fun run, he puts the rest of us to shame when it comes to getting outdoors. We catch him for a tea break chat to find out how his latest event went and why he chose digital.

Hi Malcolm. So you took part in Mission: Unbreakable this weekend. Explain to us what it was like and how you found it.    

Mission: Unbreakable is a 10k obstacle course, designed by Commando Engineers and organised to raise funds for North Devon Hospice. Similar to Tough Mudder there are different obstacles like crawling under barbed wire and running through fire – it was tough!

Around 600 people take part and there’s a great atmosphere as you go round the course.

So you must have been doing some training in the run-up to this?

I don’t really train, per se, but I am quite active in general I suppose! I like to take my bike out on the weekends or head to the beach for the day. I’m also out on Exmoor a lot, exploring or swimming in the rivers. It’s great for fishing there too – we never take them home but there are plenty of crayfish to catch. 

It sounds like you spend a lot of time outdoors. So what made you decide on a career in digital?

My first job after graduating was in the presentation department at a bank. It doesn’t sound that interesting but it’s where I first realised how much I enjoy design. As time has progressed I’ve naturally moved into a digital role, but I’m still producing something on a daily basis that is visually engaging, and will create an emotional response.

Do you still remember that first project at the bank that kick-started your career?

Of course! Your first project is always memorable because it’s the first time you see something that you’ve created being used in real life. I’ve still got it in a box somewhere.

Speaking of kick-starting – we heard a rumour that you broke your leg doing Judo once…

Yes I did. We were practicing a fall and someone landed on my leg and snapped it in half. Six weeks in a cast, 10 screws and a metal plate later I’m all fixed!

Ouch. So, if you had to choose, who would you swap places with in the office?

I really enjoy the projects I get to work on now – creating videos and building websites for a range of different clients – but going back to the original ‘graphic design’ role would be good fun and would allow me to stretch my creativity too, so I would have to say Emma.


Thanks Malcolm. In our next tea break chat we will be getting to know our new Senior Account Manager, Laura, to find out how she’s settling in and what interests she has outside of the office.

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