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Tea break chat with: Emma

Our designer Emma has lots of interesting things going on in her life at the moment – from puppy classes to walking down the aisle. She takes some time out to tell us all about her life outside of Oxygen.

Hi Emma, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Tell us a bit about the big day and what you’ve been doing in the run up to it…

Thanks! We’re getting married at the start of September on our favourite Greek Island. It’s a small ceremony with just family, but we’re really excited for it now – the countdown is on.

I haven’t had to do much actual planning, as we have a wedding planner over there that is sorting most of the stuff out for us. One of the most time consuming things was wedding dress shopping – my Mum made me try on every dress in the shop…including the one made of feathers! We’ve also had to spend time choosing all of the wedding music. In fact, we chose the song that I’ll walk down the aisle to just last night. It’s going to be the Lord of the Rings song ‘Concerning Hobbits’, because it’s my fiancé’s favourite film.

Wow, sounds like you’re going to have the most amazing time. What else have you got planned for the rest of the trip?

As well as being our wedding, it’s also our holiday, so we’ll be kayaking, taking a boat out and just soaking up the sunshine with a cocktail in hand.

…and what’s happening with your new puppy while you’re away?

Lilly will stay at home with our friends. We would love to take her out there, but it would be a bit impractical.

She’s an 8-month-old Sharpei, so she’s still pretty tiny. We’ve been taking her to training classes recently, teaching her all of the basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘walk’, but also to improve her confidence and her social skills.

Very sweet, you must bring her into the office more often. So, looking at your role here as a designer, what made you choose design?

I’ve always wanted to be a designer. Creativity runs in the family, and I loved art when I was in school. When it came to choosing a career path I knew that graphic design was the right way forward, and I haven’t looked back since! I did once want to be a vet…but what young girl didn’t.

What are your favourite projects to work on day-to-day?

I really enjoy working on branding projects. Creating a logo from scratch and then seeing that logo used in the real world is very satisfying. It’s also a proud moment, because that logo was once just an idea in your head, and now it’s something that people are seeing every day. Aside from branding I like working on brochures and on websites – a mix of print and digital projects keeps it interesting.

Finally, who would you swap places with in the office if you had to choose?

I genuinely love design, so I suppose it would have to be our Digital Director Malcolm. Although I’m not as good at the video work as he is, and while he focuses on digital I prefer to get stuck into some print work too.


Thanks Emma! Good luck with the wedding – we’ll make sure to share photos with everyone when you send them through to us. For our next Tea Break Chat we’ll talk to Steve, Oxygen’s MD and Founder, to find out all about his secret double life as a radio presenter and his love of comedy.

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