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Summer is over and it’s 85 days until the big day!

Summer is over and it’s 85 days until the big day!

Most of us think it’s far too early to be thinking about Christmas but as it looms over us, Oxygen have been thinking of ideas for our Christmas campaign 2012.

We have been researching on the web to get our creative juices flowing and here are some of our favourites from over the years


For many people The Christmas coca-cola lorry advert marks the start of Christmas and that’s what makes it so iconic, memorable and magical. This commercial has become a huge stepping-stone towards the countdown to Christmas, and gets everyone excited for Santa. The advert certainly does what it’s supposed to; advertise coke and the spiritual connection it has to Christmas since it began. Not to mention Santa Claus Himself, His whole modern image is based on what Coca-cola showed the world in 1931. His red coat white fluffy trimmings are coca cola’s brand colours. Every Year on the 25th December coca-cola is in our lives, without even meaning to be!


Oxygen 2008

Of course we couldn’t miss out our campaign in 2008 could we!

In 2008 Oxygen produces an edible Christmas card. That’s right the card was completely edible. Brussel sprouts are a love / hate situation at Christmas so we thought we’d produce a card with an image of Brussel Sprouts on, so they’d be loved by all as well as being ‘green’. If you’re worried about eating ink, don’t worry we modified a new printer so that it prints food colouring instead of ink, the card is completely edible.



John Lewis 2011

This advert from John Lewis in 2011 is truly beautiful. It shows precisely what Christmas should be all about. The waiting, the excitement and the giving that Christmas brings. The little boy in the advert is counting down the days on his chocolate calendar, which we all love opening on the 1st December, going through his day to day life waiting until; he can give the gift so special he cant wait to give it on Christmas day. We all remember being children and waking mum and dad up at the crack of dawn to open our presents. This advert is the other way around, and is truly inspiring. It makes us feel all warm inside!


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Emma Fowle :Emma graduated with a degree in design and came to Oxygen straight from college in 2012. She is experienced in design for print and web.