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Should you be engaging with Instagram?

With over 600 million users on Instagram it comes as no surprise that brands from across the world are taking to the social media site to connect with customers and grow brand awareness.

But which brands should be making the most of Instagram?

For B2C brands, Instagram is a great way to reach out to consumers. Sharing images and videos is a creative way of promoting products and services, without pushing sales. B2C brands are also able to engage and connect with their customers through Instagram, making the brand relatable.

There has long been debate over the use of social media sites for B2B brands. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular social networks of choice for B2B as you are able to add links to posts and drive traffic to the website, but Instagram should not be overlooked.

B2B brands can use the photo-sharing social network to promote brand values, increase brand awareness and share behind-the-scenes images to give your brand a ‘human’ feel.

So, your brand could be a B2C online apparel store or a B2B insurance provider, either way, engaging with Instagram has its benefits and should be included in your social media strategy.

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Sophie Edwards :