PR is key to generating and sustaining trust for corporate businesses

PR is key to generating and sustaining trust for corporate businesses  – a well established brand name no longer cuts the mustard in gaining trust. Why? The world is changing. Demands are higher.  Information can be disseminated online at great speed. Social attitudes are changing. The spotlight on corporate performance is more intense.

With the horsemeat scandal continuing to take centre stage on the media landscape with more and more bad news nurturing the demise of consumer trust, it has highlighted the need to restore and sustain customer trust.

Trust is what a good reputation is built upon and is more than being viewed in a positive light by consumers – trust and a good reputation can:

  • Strengthen brands
  • Enhance customer relationships and loyalty
  • Develop opportunities for partnerships
  • Improve employee recruitment and retention
  • Generate a stronger share price
  • Increase investor confidence

So, how do you build a good reputation, how do you protect and maintain that reputation and what can you do to manage your performance?

  • Key messaging which defines your brand clearly
  • All communication to be delivered with the right tone
  • All communication must be honest and transparent
  • Think about what you are saying and who is going to say it. In some situations it might be suitable to have a statement from the CEO, but in another it will be best to have a quote from the office junior or customer.
  • Position yourself as a leader – enter awards, develop partnerships and lead the debate.
  • Shout about the core values of your business. If you have lots of great stories in your business that deserve to be shouted about then no one else is going to blow your trumpet for you.
  • Make sure your employees are communicated with regularly via effective internal communications channels.
  • Be seen in key media – PR generated editorial is of more value that advertising because it is trusted more by the general public
  • Encourage interaction from customers/audiences to develop relationships. Negatives can also be corrected though direct customer contact.

Above all, honesty and transparency will generate trust, but are you shouting about it enough?

Building trust and maintaining reputation management through PR requires a long-term strategy including proactive campaigns as well as reactive tactics. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Call our PR teams in Somerset and Devon to discuss how PR can help your business.