The power of a good campaign

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Oxygen’s Marcomms Exec Sophie – now moved to work at the NHS – explains why it was just one message out of hundreds of campaigns that pushed her to register to vote in the upcoming General Election.

The deadline for registering your vote has now come and gone, but there were plenty of marketing campaigns employed by different “brands” that were all aimed at encouraging young people to vote.
As a member of the ‘under 25s club’, people like me were the primary target of these campaigns, urging us to sign up to the electoral roll to make sure we could vote in the upcoming General Election.
There were campaigns everywhere. On news sites, on the radio and in direct marketing emails and leaflets. But the platform that encouraged me the most was one social media platform.

Capturing your target audience

If you scroll through our Oxygen blogs you will see that social media appears quite frequently. It plays a huge part in PR and marketing, so it’s no surprise that it was a major platform used by many brands looking to encourage voters.
One of my favourites was a short 1-minute video by the broadcaster E4. Using clever scripting and famous faces the video appears to be celebrities talking about their ‘First Time’, but you soon realise that the ‘First Time’ they’re talking about was actually when they first voted in an election. Simple yet effective, E4 captured their target audience’s attention from the start and didn’t let it go until it had delivered its message.

Delivering a timely message

Just 10 days before the deadline to vote was due to close, there was a surge in registrations, with nearly 7,000 people under 25 registering in just one day alone. This followed a period of five days during which only 1,000 – 2,000 people registered each day.
What could have possibly caused young people to all of a sudden sit down and complete their registration? Facebook.
The morning of the surge, the social media site had posted an appeal to under 25s urging them to register. The message appeared at the top of our news feeds with a simple message reminding us to vote before the 22nd May deadline and two links, one that took you directly to the registration website and the other to share the message with your followers.
I was on holiday at the time, completely unaware of the date and oblivious to the fact I was about to miss my opportunity to vote in the election. Had it not been for that small reminder message that popped up on my news feed as I was uploading yet another picture of me on a beach, I might have missed my chance.
There was no advert, no lengthy speech, just a simple message. Out of all the campaigns I had seen, this one social media post was the one that made me act.
A good campaign doesn’t need to be splashed over every available platform. It needs to be strategic in its placement and clever with its message. We do strategic well at Oxygen, so make sure you give us a call if you’re looking for a good marketing campaign.