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Oxygen's exhibition stand design keeps Heathcoat Fabrics busy at Techtextil

Oxygen’s innovative exhibition stand design for Devon based Heathcoat Fabrics kept their six-strong sales team constantly busy with higher quality enquiries than ever at the biggest global technical textile exhibition Techtextil held in June this year.

An exhibition stand should clearly define who you are

The bi-annual Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt attracts 40,000 visitors and features 1,600 exhibitors from 56 nations. With the large amounts of passing traffic at any exhibition, both modular and custom exhibition stand designs should convey the company’s identity at a single glance. For this reason and for first time this year, Heathcoat Fabrics decided it was important to incorporate some of their own uniquely engineered fabrics, to make them intrinsic to the design of the exhibition stand.

Heathcoat’s exhibition stand design brief

Having selected a highly-visible 110 square metre stand location near the main entrance, where visitors are fresh and have the most time to browse and consider an exhibitor’s offering, the site was large and open on all sides. Oxygen decided to continue the sense of openness in the design in several ways including large open ‘gateway’ style logo displays at the two front corners and only one solid wall at the back of the stand.

Inviting people into the exhibition stand area

Exhibition stand design needs to maintain a balance between openness, to invite visitors in, and enough private and quiet areas to discuss possible orders. The entire stand has to have ‘flow’. Oxygen designed Heathcoat’s bespoke exhibition stand to be accessible on all sides except the back, while still maintaining a definite ‘front’ defined by a welcome desk and large video screen playing a 90 second introduction video on a loop at the centre of the stand.

Creating the right space to do business

We continued to provide exactly the right balance of openness and privacy by using Heathcoat’s N-02542 semi-transparent printed flag fabric to form one wall of two large meeting ‘pods’ build into the back of the exhibition stand. This enabled passing visitors to see the attractive product displays mounted on the back walls inside the pods while still affording a sense of privacy for potential clients to discuss Heathcoat’s products. Finally, Heathcoat’s brand colours of dark red, black and white, helped to define the clean lines and keep the space warm and inviting. We also created a brochure to showcase all that Heathcoat has to offer.

Oxygen designed and printed a corporate brochure with inserts for use on the stand

Exhibitions are an incredible opportunity to reinforce your brand, attract new business, launch products and check out the competition. Making a splash at an exhibition means putting serious thought into your exhibition stand design. Why not give Oxygen a call on 0845 2606 255. We’ll give your exhibition stand the wow factor.

Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.