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Oxygen’s 5 top Christmas ad picks

The holidays are coming, marked by the arrival of the 2017 Christmas adverts on our TV and social screens. John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Argos and more have launched their highly anticipated adverts, so we’ve pulled together our Top 5 – and even included a couple from across the pond.

5. M&S – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

This year M&S has opted for ‘product alignment’ with the new Paddington bear film, recently released in cinemas. The ad follows the tale of Paddington on Christmas Eve, intercepting a would-be burglar and mistaking him for Santa. The duo wind up delivering back all of the presents the burglar had stolen, eventually converting the baddy into a goody.

It has divided the nation, tugging at the heartstrings of half and disappointing the rest. We too are divided in the office, but with over 5.5M YouTube views you can’t deny that it has got people talking about the brand.


4. Walmart – Rock This Christmas

The American grocery giant – owner of our own ASDA brand – has a simple message this year: rock their Christmas. It shows families opening gifts on Christmas day, and the message is clearly about cheaper prices and being able to give your loved ones the gifts they really want.

In the USA the store is known for its budget prices, so it’s no surprise that its Christmas message is the same. Our thoughts? It can be expensive to look cheap, and this is bang-on their target audience.


3. Sky Cinema – Bringing people together

‘Nothing brings people together like a movie at Christmas’ – or a turkey dinner. Sky Cinema’s Christmas ad focuses on a mother and daughter who watch the same film together every Christmas and how, each year, the scenario changes.

One of the favourites in the office, the ad focuses on the meaning of Christmas, and spending time with friends and family, while cleverly positioning its product – the movie – as the pivotal point. Our view is that Sky rarely puts out a turkey when it comes to advertising.


2. John Lewis ­– Moz the Monster

One of the most highly anticipated adverts of the year, John Lewis has created the story of a young boy, who plays with the monster under his bed each night, making the boy tired during the day. The tagline for this year is “For gifts that brighten up their world” – following the monster giving the boy a night light for Christmas so that he can sleep again.

The retailer has a tough history of fantastic adverts to follow, and just like M&S this is another one that has had mixed reviews. Despite this, its emotive pull has still drawn in a huge percentage of the nation, and the video has had over 7.4million views on YouTube ­– beating all of the others by millions. But will it translate to sales?


1. Macy’s – Lighthouse

At the top spot of our Christmas ads sits the American retailer, Macy’s. Their ad echoes the styles of some of John Lewis’s past ads ­– emotive, a compelling song and a happy ending.

The story features a young boy, who notices a young girl living in the lighthouse near to his house. The girl’s mother is no longer with them, and it’s apparent that Christmas is a tough time for her. Using the bedroom light that the boy got for Christmas that morning, he invites the girl and her father for Christmas dinner using morse code (turning the light on and off).

It’s a brilliant ad, yet hard to judge the appeal. It got just over 350K views on YouTube on its first day ­– but will it get near the figures of its UK counterparts? Top-end audience like John Lewis, with big budget spend.


The competition is tough this year, and retailers are clearly competing to be crowned King of Christmas. That being said, it looks like Christmas ads aren’t such an anticipated event in the calendar over in the USA – although maybe they’re starting to join the race.

Sophie Edwards: