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Oxygen launches new copywriting website

Oxygen has just launched its new look copywriting site at www.copywriteruk.co.uk. Detailing the full range of copywriting services it offers, it’s easier than ever to understand the benefits good copywriting can bring to your business.
Oxygen already has Oxygen Creative and Oxygen Publicity websites. Why a separate site for copywriting?

Copywriting is a special skill. It’s a central component in the way a business brands and positions itself in the market place. And yet it’s so often overshadowed by its glamorous cousins – design and PR.

Perhaps great design, cool websites, and glossy print are what catches the consumer’s eye first. We certainly think they’re important and we do them all as well. But if you want to build brand loyalty, you have to back that up with some substance once you have your customer’s attention.

So, one reason to have a dedicated site is to remind our clients how important good copywriting is. Another is so that we have the space to show them the full range of what our team of copywriters can do for them.

Why is good copywriting so important?

Good copywriting should underpin the creative elements of a marketing campaign. In fact the quality of the copywriting can make or break it. For instance, web designers can use all sorts of tools to drive traffic to your site. But if consumers and clients don’t engage with your brand when they get there, it won’t result in high conversion rates. Some of that engagement is down to visual presentation. But beyond the first few glances, much of it is down to what you’re saying and how you say it. That’s where good copywriting is crucial.

In a noisy marketplace, brand messaging needs to be well-targeted and consistent in order to build a sense of reliability and loyalty in customers. Not everyone understands how important it is to use a copywriter to help to focus your business, and carry that focus through in every part of your messaging. But people are waking up to it. Even non-profits. Think of a good copywriter as being someone who can sharpen the tips of your arrows…

What about copywriting and PR?

Professional copywriting is just as important for generating PR. A well written press release will generate press automatically, whereas a poorly written one won’t do anything at all. Specialist copywriters know how to write blogs and web articles that contain the right search terms to make them easy to find, and attract traffic to your site. And how to write online listings, google ads, and meta descriptions for your web pages that will do the same.

Increasingly, consumers want to have a ‘conversation’ with the brands they’re attracted to. And companies are feeling the need to ‘go global’. That has added exponentially to the amount of copy which PR (and marketing) departments typically have to generate, in the last decade. A good copywriter can handle anything from your strategy documents to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and will angle them all to build your success. Copywriting agencies such as Oxygen often also offer editing, proofreading and translation services as well, so you can really use us at any stage in the process to lighten your load.

Why is the importance of professional copywriting so often overlooked?

We all like to think we can write! After all, we spent our school years doing just that. And many people write for pleasure – either journaling, or writing novels. But professionally trained copywriters know how to evoke exactly the right response – whether generating leads or sales – in the reader. And knowing how to do that is a specialised art.

It’s also often overlooked because great copywriting, just like great design, is transparent. It doesn’t get in the way of the message. Often, a great copywriter will express the message so perfectly, that the client is apt to feel ‘Yes, yes. That’s just what I was saying about our brand all along!’ The more skill a copywriter has, the easier it looks.

Oxygen copywriters can give you the edge. To find out more about how we can help with your copywriting needs visit www.copywriteruk.co.uk



Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.