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Life-giving Oxygen fuels ‘Conversations with a Butterfly’ brand

Oxygen has been helping author and coach Karen Davies with logo, brand identity and marketing plans for her new venture ‘Conversations with a Butterfly’

Building a brand identity

Karen offers coaching, free resources in the form of videos and e-book downloads, workshops and an online store.

Our suggestions for branding were inspired by Karen’s core values of holistic transformation from the inside, out. The ‘conversation with a butterfly’ theme puts client dialogue and change at the centre of her brand story and focuses on the positive results her service brings them.

In addition, we’ve helped her to put together a strong marketing plan to make sure her message reaches the right people.

Bringing a brand to life

All these elements come together to bring Karen’s new brand to life. She’s delighted with the way we’ve helped her personal ‘butterfly’ to emerge out of the chrysalis of her original ideas, and tweeted us recently:

“Thanks for your inspiration today – this butterfly is flying free with your help”


Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.