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Operating profit…constant change

The debate over MacOS and PC is a long-standing one, and takes place in our own office between the PR and web teams, but which one ultimately wins out?  

Surprisingly, web usage by MacOS computers is at just 4%, the same as it was 10 years ago. But while this has been constant, the sales figures for MacOS computers over the last decade have risen significantly.

Popularity stakes

The sales figures for MacOS computers show a rise of 235% since 2007. The Apple-owned products are seemingly growing in popularity, but not when it comes to browsing the web.

Windows and Android platforms take the lead in popularity for web browsing, most likely down to the rise in the use of smartphones – 61% of total minutes spent online in the UK was through a mobile device, and this rises to 91% in Indonesia.

Looking back at desktops, Windows is still leading the market in operating systems. Most PCs are Windows based, and despite the Mac’s rise in sales, 62.7 million more PCs were sold in the third quarter of this year than Mac computers.

All this being said, the sharp increase of Mac computer sales can’t be ignored. So why are they becoming increasingly popular?

Apple of our eye

Mac computers are favoured by creative industries for their speed and compatibility with creative software packages such as Adobe and CAD programmes. Macs are also much more portable due to their lightweight and compact design, so are preferred for remote workers, students and people travelling.

Apple as a brand is also high on the popularity charts, and users like that they can sync all of their apple products together.

You may be wondering why, as a marketing agency, we are interested in the rise of Mac sales. Maybe we are all just secretly a bit nerdy, but it does have an impact on the work we do with websites. As standard all websites should be responsive to multiple devices and platforms, but it’s good for us to know the latest trends in popular devices, and what screen resolutions are most commonly used at the moment.

With that we’ll get back to our Macs, but it’s certainly an interesting trend to keep an eye on.

Sophie Edwards: