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Are you up to speed?

If wi-fi speeds are quick we tend to take it for granted. If they’re slow it’s not only frustrating it can also have a negative impact on business.

Small businesses requiring end-to-end internet performance – for example video-conferencing, cloud-based customer management and billing services – can be most effected if using residential internet connections.

According to recent research by Ofcom, wireless broadband may not be delivering all that it might in nearly six million UK homes and offices. To help identify some of these slow connection problems Ofcom have launched a wi-fi checker app this month.

The wi-fi checker can help maximise connection speeds, as the wi-fi set-up in the house or office can often be the cause of a slow broadband speed. Here are a few ideas Ofcom have suggested that could help:

  • Keep your router away from other electrical devices including devices that emit wireless signals.
  • Experiment with the location of the router by placing it in different parts of your house or office. Even walls and furniture can act as obstacles to wi-fi radio frequencies. The best place to keep the router is as central as possible on a table or shelf.
  • Try turning the router off and then on. The router may then select a less busy frequency on restart.
  • If practical, forego wireless and instead use an Ethernet cable to connect directly to your router.
  • Finally, beware those innocent looking fairy lights on your Christmas tree. They could be slowing your broadband down as well.

For more information go to: http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/news/ofcom-launches-wifi-checker/


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