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Martha’s work experience at Oxygen

Day 1
I’m usually quite a nervous person, but having already met Katie and Emma I instantly felt welcome.
My first task of the day was to be “briefed” with Emma about what needed to be done throughout
the week, initially I was a bit confused by some of the lingo, but over the course of the day I
managed to pick a few terms here and there. My biggest task of the day was to do some research on
backs; I love writing and researching, but this definitely caught me off guard! After Katie explained
that the world of PR is extremely varied and I will often be asked to write and research subjects I
have no idea about, the task was very valuable.

Day 2
I was really looking forward to my second day at Oxygen and visiting the Tiverton office, but
unfortunately due to me having the world’s worst immune system I was off sick!

Day 3
I returned to work on Wednesday, welcomed by a very wary Katie not wanting to catch anything;
but once I’d reassured her I was germless I got to work. I got the opportunity to have the invaluable
experience of sitting in on a client meeting on Wednesday, and it surprised me how not only
professional Katie is but how welcoming she is with her clients (a definite tip for the future!)

Day 4
Thursday I got to do an editorial on horses, which was interesting, Katie was very trusting and
allowed me to write an article about anything I wanted, which was quite daunting! but if anyone
wants to know how to own a horse on a budget, I’m your girl! I really welcomed putting my
practical, creative and English skills in use as they’d been collecting a bit of dust in the holidays.

Day 5
On my last day I helped Emma think of concepts for a new client project, the brief was quite
vague so it really put me to the test! After I got back from lunch a bit worse for wear due to the
bipolar weather, I set to doing some research regarding the concepts we had thought of. It was so
interesting seeing how our ideas develop and becoming physical objects!

I’m part of a programme called Career Academies at college, and
the scheme requires me to do 4 weeks of compulsory work
experience; initially the thought of giving up my time was not a
pleasant one, but once I arrived at Oxygen I realised that I wasn’t
giving up my time for nothing, and this whole experience has
been priceless! A massive thank you to Katie and Emma for
letting me intrude and trusting me with their clients!

Katie Sanders :Katie took a sales background into marketing, and holds chartered marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A devotee of PR she heads up our publicity team.