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Logo design takes more than creative thinking

Logo design is often the start of the creative process when a business is incorporated. Here one of our designers, Emma, gives her insight into logo design.


First of all we consider that your logo may eventually be used on all kinds of media. Whether you are a small local business or an international business it is important to think about where the logo is going to be predominantly used. Most businesses want business cards, letterheads and stationery so the logo should be fit for print purposes. Also websites are the first things you look at when you think of a company, so we ensure the logo is correct for web or mobile.

To cover both print and web can sometime be tricky when choosing colour as web/mobile and print use different colour ways – web three colour (RGB) and print mostly 4 colour (CMYK). This can pose a problem with bright colour matching correctly. But don’t worry – we’ll ensure nothing bad could happen to your logo, designed by us!


We would also do some key target market research to ensure your logo will be suited to your specific target market. We look for age range, colours, interests, hobbies and anything else which is relevant to the company, to get the logo feeling right as well as looking perfect.


Your logo should be memorable to ensure your company comes out ahead of your competitors. To help make a logo memorable we consider strong shapes, icons and colours. When Marmite were designing their brand they chose a jar shape which stands out from the rest of the jars on the shelf. If you saw the outline of a Marmite jar I bet you could easily recognise it is Marmite? Well logos work in the same way. For example Nike’s ‘tick’ is instantly recognisable because it’s a simple and bold icon. Iconography is key to creating your perfect brand. However, sometimes iconography is not needed –  a unique font can work just as well. For example, Ben & Jerry’s have a unique typeface which is used on all kinds of media. The typeface is so recognizable that no matter what is written in that typeface, you would still know it was Ben & Jerry’s, or at least think it was!



The perfect logos last forever without the need for change. That’s why they are so important. Your logo should be timeless. If your logo can last forever without the need for change then we’ve done a good job! Logos shouldn’t need to change unless your company does. Your target market will always remain the same from within your company so if the research was done properly your logo should never need updating because it will always be perfect for your target market. Twining’s has the world’s oldest company logo that is still in use, Twining’s logo has remained unchanged since 1787[1], meaning their logo is timeless. Similarly tech company Motorola has been using the same logo since the 1950s.

Colour vs. Black and White

Some of the most famous logos use only one colour at any one time: Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney. Using only one or two colours has great advantages. Not only does it stand out boldly but it can easily be used in black and white and still look great. These no-fuss logos with only a couple of colours make it easy to use anywhere at all, and at minimum cost. If you have a logo which is only 1 or 2 colours and you need something to be printed in black and white or in 1 colour, it won’t matter too much as your logo will keep its clarity and will always stand out.





Keep logos as simple as possible

Logos work best when they are simple and uncomplicated. If the logo has a ‘Big Idea’ your logo will stand out no matter how simple it is. If you over complicate the logo and what your company is trying to say, the most important things will get lost in the message. Less is more!


Enjoy it! Your logo is the forefront of your company. Get your logo perfect and your company should follow. Love your logo like you love your company and like wise! Use it and abuse it, it won’t mind!

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[1] A history of the world in six glasses. New York: Walker. p. 202. 
Emma Fowle :Emma graduated with a degree in design and came to Oxygen straight from college in 2012. She is experienced in design for print and web.