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How long would you wait for a website page to load? We are discussing the optimum page load speeds, and how you can check yours to make sure you are getting the best out of your website.

3, 2, 1

Past surveys have shown that more than 83% of people expect a page to load within 3 seconds, and at least 40% would abandon the page if it took longer.

Your page load speed is important, and could cause you to lose out on customers if you don’t keep it in line. Maintaining a page load speed of 3 seconds is, however, incredibly difficult. Most websites will use images or video on their website – contributing factors to slow speeds.

Check your website speed and get some tips

Google has helpful tools that enable you to check your page speed, and also give you some ideas on how to bring the speed down.

Using PageSpeed Insights you can analyse the speed of both mobile and desktop. The speeds differ on each, so it’s worth taking a look at both to see how you can improve them.

With 61% of total minutes spent online done via a mobile device, this speed is one to keep an eye on. Test My Site is a good tool for testing mobile speeds in particular, and will produce a report at the end for you too.

Regular checks and maintenance are essential for keeping your website up to date, and page loading speeds are not something to dismiss – it could reflect badly on your brand if you do.

Sophie Edwards: