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How to publish LinkedIn posts that increase your influence


In February 2014 LinkedIn extended its publishing platform from ‘Influencer’ only, to all 227 million of its users. LinkedIn notes that its typical ‘Influencer’ posts receive an average of 31,000 views, 250 ‘likes’ and 80 comments. In fact, Buffer reports that LinkedIn posts receive four times as many views as content on Facebook. That’s a lot of engagement.

So, while the roll out isn’t yet complete, it’s not too soon to consider how you can create LinkedIn posts that increase your influence, help you gain followers or connections and extend your reach. Unlike existing LinkedIn ‘Influencers’, ordinary users won’t get editorial support, so all the more reason to bone up with our top five tips to writing perfect LinkedIn posts.


LinkedIn posts tip #1 – target the LinkedIn demographic

Users on LinkedIn are professionals looking for genuinely new and unique insights on their professional world and/or industry. LinkedIn posts shouldn’t be thinly veiled adverts as this will put your readership off permanently, nor should you simply repost blogs which appear on your own website, as Google will penalise you for this. Try taking an old post and putting a new spin on it, or going into more detail on one of its points.

Write original material with passion, sharing your take on industry trends and your skills, all the while using a professional tone. This demonstrates your expertise, not only within the post, but also on your profile (where posts appear below your name and photo).

Don’t write and publish LinkedIn posts until you’re sure of your content persona. Know who your audience is, keep the information tailored to them, and publish on the channels in LinkedIn which they’re most likely to engage with.


LinkedIn posts tip #2 – write short engaging posts

Most professionals are busy and want short LinkedIn posts. The optimum number of words is somewhere between 300 and 800. Make it easy for your readership to keep reading. As with other forms of blogging:
• think of an interesting angle
• write a killer or slightly controversial headline to increase click-through rates
• use subheadings to help orientate your reader
• add an attractive photo (be sure you have the correct permissions)
• include links to other relevant posts on your main website or other relevant posts by other bloggers
• embed relevant YouTube videos
• write in easy-to-scan, everyday, conversational language but with some good stats to back you up
• check spelling and punctuation – sloppiness here leaves a bad impression
• insert a small biography at the end of the post so that people know who you are – you can even add event or presentation dates
• post consistently – every week is ideal on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn post tip #3 – be social

Highlight your LinkedIn posts by posting links on your website, Facebook page and on Twitter, using suitable hashtags. This will help to expand your readership. Remember that LinkedIn is a social network and talk to people! Revisit your posts regularly to respond to comments. Take it further and add expert and helpful comments on other articles, revisiting them to reply to responses too. This is another way to get noticed as someone who’s contributing to the conversation and to garner more followers for your future LinkedIn posts as well as more views of your profile. The latter is really a form of landing page so make sure it has been properly optimised.


“Remember that LinkedIn is a social network. Talk to people! “


LinkedIn post tip #4 – stay on top of the metrics

LinkedIn posts can be tracked via the LinkedIn dashboard which will show you a breakdown of page views, likes, comments and shares. Other performance metrics offered include a breakdown of demographic insights such as the seniority of your reader, plus their industries and which region they’re from. Track posts that get the most engagement so that you understand the sort of post your audience wants from you.


LinkedIn post tip #5 – get yourself tagged and featured

Try following channels within the Pulse to find and cover popular topics. Content is automatically shared on your profile and among your connections, but LinkedIn’s tagging algorithm’s can also decide to feature your LinkedIn post in the homepage, list it in Top Posts, or to feature it within one of the channels in Pulse. Other possible places LinkedIn posts can be featured include Best of LinkedIn and their trusted partner sites across the world. Get it right and you could see periodic upsurges in engagement when you hit LinkedIn’s sweet spot.




If you need help crafting LinkedIn posts that get your main site more traffic and which build your brand’s network and influence, give us a call today on 0845 26060 255. From one-off posts to a regular LinkedIn blogging service, we can help.


Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.

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