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Is LinkedIn moving too slowly for social media?

Professional social media platform LinkedIn has recently announced its latest updates, including multiple photo uploads, video content and new sharing tools, but is it still behind the times in comparison to its counterparts?

LinkedIn is a great social media platform if you are a working professional or a B2B company. It’s a digital version of a networking event and gives you another platform to share news and updates.

The latest update promises lots of new features, and most of them are geared up to allowing businesses more freedom in the content they share and who they share it with.

Let’s look at the changes

Multiple photo upload

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this feature already exists, and enables you to upload more than one photo at a time. It is a relatively new feature for Instagram too, but has become increasingly popular, as people never take just one image anymore.

This is helpful for businesses that may need to upload more than one image – for example, of an awards evening or multiple colleagues. Trying to choose one photo to sum up both of those events is difficult, but this new feature means you can add more content to your posts without having to post up separately.

In-app video upload

Although this feature is a rolling one, and most won’t have access for a while, it will enable you to upload video directly from the LinkedIn app. It’s useful for those off-the-cuff videos, and saves time on uploading from a mobile or video recorder.

Control over content

This feature allows you to manage who can or can’t comment on your posts and articles. You can turn off the comments section completely, or you can choose whether it’s shared publicly or just with your connections.

For businesses this could be good for when you are posting potentially sensitive information, as you can just switch off the comments and there is no need to constantly check to see what people are saying. It does, however, defeat the point of a ‘social’ network and could turn into more of a news site than a place for people to share thoughts and opinions.

As well as the three listed above, there are also features in the new update that allow you to share drafted articles and allow you to share content publicly off LinkedIn – so if someone doesn’t have a LinkedIn account they can now see the content anyway without needing to be a member.

Social media moves fast – can LinkedIn keep up?

The updates are good, but most of these have already been implemented on most other social media platforms – a fair time ago in fact – and are being developed and enhanced already. Social media moves fast, and we can’t help but feel that LinkedIn is struggling to keep up.

There are also flaws that the platform should be addressing. For example, its tagging function is hit-and-miss, and you often can’t tag the person or business that you are looking for, despite visiting their page mere seconds ago.

It will be interesting to see the affect these new features have – but it might be time for another update quicker than they think if they want to keep up with the competition.

Sophie Edwards: