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Do you know what SEO means?

A recent survey by an online marketing firm revealed that just 8% of small business owners were aware of what search engine optimisation (SEO) meant, with 5% having no idea what so ever.


Digimax say that 42% believed that SEO meant adding keywords to their website, and this was followed by 15% believing it was what made their website ‘Google-friendly’. Almost a fifth believed it was achieving a higher ranking on Google and 12% thought it meant regularly adding content to their website.


So, with a mixed response to what SEO really is, we decided to ask one of our web developers, James, to clear up the speculation and to explain why it is so important:


“SEO is actually a combination of all of the above – and a bit more. Ultimately SEO improves your visibility to customers online through search engines such as Google and Bing. The starting point is a great technological framework, or in other words, letting us build a site with a structure that search engines will like. With that in place, the key to successful SEO is good content.


“Keywords and regular content all help towards improving your SEO, but having clear, user-friendly content throughout your website is going to help you the most. Make sure it is original, as you can get penalised by Google for duplicating content that may be on other websites, and ensure the page is relevant to your products or services.


“Having good SEO can mean the difference between showing up on the first page of search results or the second, which for an SME is likely to affect your level of sales.


“Online tools such as MOZ can tell you how well you are doing at your SEO, or you can employ an agency to analyse it for you. Either way, SEO is an important tool for any SME owner, and shouldn’t be ignored.


“And finally – while SEO is really for search engines when deciding which websites are most relevant to any customer’s search term, it can also make your website easy to understand for customers when reading it. At the end of the day, if a search engine puts you high in its rankings, when the customer visits it’s vital that they get the right message and know what you want them to do.”


If you are struggling with your SEO or content generation, or have any questions, then give Steve or James a call now to see how we could help.

Sophie Edwards :