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Keeping your social media profiles on-brand

Social media sites for businesses are a great way to maximise exposure and reach customers that you might not usually through traditional PR and advertising avenues. It is, however, important that your business profiles look ‘on-brand’.


Profile & cover photos


If you already have Facebook and Twitter accounts you will know that on both platforms you need profile photos and cover images for your page. LinkedIn has now jumped on the cover photo bandwagon and rolled out the feature in its new update, so it’s much easier to use the same branding across all three platforms.


Our Graphic Designer, Emma, suggests that you keep it simple for both the profile and cover photo: “Using your logo as the profile photo is always advisable. It is an easy way to show the company name, and helps people to recognise your page when searching for it.


“Cover photos are harder because the sizes vary on each platform, but the best rule to stick by is not to use text if you can, and just to use images. This eliminates the problem of text being cut off, and means you can use the same image over each platform.”


Here are the links to find out what size your profile and cover photos need to be for each platform:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/125379114252045

Twitter: https://support.twitter.com/articles/127871

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/49960/adding-or-changing-the-background-photo-on-your-profile?lang=en


About us & Bios


Your social media pages are a good way to introduce your company and reinforce your brand message. You might not think your ‘About us’ and bio sections are important, but this is where you can really position your brand and target the right people.


Our Marcomms Exec, Sophie, tells us what we should be including and what we shouldn’t: “Treat these sections like a mini extension of your website. It’s another chance to show off what products or services you offer, and the type of company you are.


“Include a brief description of what you do and what you offer, as well as your location, contact details and opening times. Try and refrain from putting in large descriptions or ‘filler’ text, because people will simply scroll past – if they want to read that they will visit your website! Just include the information you want people to know, and why they should buy from you.”


Updates, posts & tweets


The same rule about positioning your brand applies when writing updates, posts and tweets. Remember that you’re speaking on behalf of your company, so if you are a children’s clothing brand then emoji’s are acceptable. If you are a funeral director service then they are not.


Post regular, engaging content that strengthens your offering and positions you as an interesting, professional and approachable company.


If you need any help designing your social media images, or drafting your content, then give us a call – Emma and Sophie will be happy to advise!

Sophie Edwards :