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January Print Sale 2015

Happy New Year to all our customers, past, present and future.

January print sale 2015.

New year, new you! Give your business the boost it needs this new year to get the year off to a booming start, with these amazing print offers throughout January.

Luxury Business Cards 400gsm silk + matt laminated from £49. Was £99.more
StarMarque Business Cards400gsm silk + matt lam + spot UVfrom £64. Was £129.more
Embossini Business Cards300gsm wove uncoated + embossed from £84. Was £169.more
Opuleaf Business Cards300gsm wove uncoated + foiled from £84. Was £169.more
XO Business Cards600gsm uncoated business cardsfrom £64. Was £129.more
Gloss Leaflets150gsm glossfrom £65. Was £130.more
Gloss Folded Leaflets150gsm gloss + foldedfrom £82. Was £164more
Promo Flyers280gsm glossfrom £74. Was £149.more
Luxury Shaped Business Cards400gsm silk + matt laminatedfrom £69. Was £139.more
Postcards330gsm gloss lam + uncoated reversefrom £68. Was £136.more
Fast & Few StickersKiss cut sticker sheetsfrom £19. Was £39.more
Scratchcards240gsm coated + scratch-off panelsfrom £199. Was £399.more
A5 Silk Booklets170gsm silkfrom £302. Was £403.more
A4 Silk Booklets170gsm silkfrom £521. Was £695.more
Pacific Banner StandBanner stand + posterfrom £116. Was £146.more
Luxury Showcards400gsm + Matt laminatedfrom £70. Was £141.more
StarMarque Showcards400gsm silk + matt lam + spot UVfrom £86. Was £172.more
Embossini Showcards300gsm wove uncoated + embossedfrom £162. Was £325.more
Opuleaf Showcards300gsm wove uncoated + foiledfrom £162. Was £325.more
XO Showcards600gsm uncoated from £86. Was £172.more

Contact us now to get the design underway and place your order.

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Email: enquiries@oxygenagency.co.uk


Emma Fowle :Emma graduated with a degree in design and came to Oxygen straight from college in 2012. She is experienced in design for print and web.

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