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Izzy’s Blog: Work Experience with the Oxygen Team

A blog from Izzy who spent a week with us in the Taunton office to experience agency life. During the week Izzy had sampled market research, copywriting, creative brief preparation and mastered the paper shredder! And she still wants to work in marketing when she’s older. Result. Here’s a summary of the week in Izzy’s words:

Day 1

I felt quite nervous before I walked into the building but as soon as I had entered, I realised there was no reason to be. I met Katie and Emma straight away and immediately felt welcome. Today has gone really well, the atmosphere is very friendly and I am grateful that I have had the chance to be included in meetings with clients so I can really get a feel for lots of different aspects of the agency. Market research on Bristol’s most upmarket bars was my main task today and I can now certainly say that I know a lot about Bristol! At the moment I can definitely see myself following this career path.

Day 2

I was looking forward to coming into work after such a positive first day. Today I have been reorganising the office and I’ve made a big mess in the process! I hope that I will have made an improvement when I finish though. After today I will be an expert paper shredder, let’s hope the shredder will last until the end of the day!

Day 3

Today I watched Emma design some items. It was nice to see how people actually come up with graphic design ideas that you see in day to day life and the reasons behind them. I’ve finished shredding and I believe the shredding machine is still intact. I also did some more market research today, it’s surprising how long it takes to trowel through the internet to find the information you need.

Day 4

I made a start on a blog I’m writing – I’ve been finding it difficult to start it off and decide what to base it on. In the end after a while of deliberation, I decided to write about whether school uniforms should stay or go. An article in the Western Daily Press on a school that had changed to a non-school uniform and the problems it now faced, inspired me to write my piece. I have had this debate many times at my own school, so this is what prompted me to write about it. I’ve finished all my jobs for today and feel like I have been very productive now that I can see all the work I started during the week completed.

Day 5

Today I’m going to the Tiverton office. I’ve heard a lot about it so I will be looking forward to actually seeing it and everyone that works there. My tutor visited today, it was nice to see a familiar face from school. I also put my handyman skills to the test and built a filing box, a filing tray and a magazine holder from flat pack – not that they were particularly challenging designs to piece together! I can’t believe it’s my last day; the week has flown by so quickly. I would like to say a big thank you to the team for putting up with me in their Taunton office. I definitely appreciate the opportunity of experiencing what life would be like if I were to work in this career. From this experience I can say that I would like to work in marketing.

By Izzy Hill. Year 10.

Katie Sanders :Katie took a sales background into marketing, and holds chartered marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A devotee of PR she heads up our publicity team.