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How to do SEO

SEO is about knowing what your buyers want

As a full-service marketing communications agency, we provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for those who are looking to maximise their chances of recognition and conquer the Google podium.

A recently completed SEO project includes a manufacturing company with factories across the world. We achieved page 1 and 2 listings in the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and India for two ‘generic’ keywords by following the correct SEO principles. This included getting one of the keywords to no 2 on page 1 of Google.com – directly behind Wikipedia. This was done within 2 weeks, and took 4 days’ work.

If you are looking to achieve similar results then take a look at our brief guide below to see how you can target your buyers more directly and climb to the top of their list, as well as Google’s.


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Emma Fowle :Emma graduated with a degree in design and came to Oxygen straight from college in 2012. She is experienced in design for print and web.

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