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Has Facebook grown up?

There has been much debate recently over the status of Facebook following radio news editor Rod McKenzie’s announcement that ‘Facebook is dead’ for young people because it has become the territory of us oldies..which apparently is classed as over 25.

The news has sent brands in a social media panic, concerned over their social media strategy. Now more than ever businesses want to know if Facebook is the right vehicle for them – providing the results they want.

So with the apparent declining youthful numbers and other rising social media platforms such as Keek and Vine, is Facebook on its way out?

Trends come and go, and sure, knowing you are sharing space with your parents online as well as at home, is a definite turn off for teenagers. But the fact remains there is still a vast number of young people that make up the core of Facebook followers. There will always be trendy, cool new media offerings but often these become very niche and attract a focussed following rather than possessing the generic appeal of Facebook. And let’s not forget it can provide brands with hard facts regarding the measurement and return on campaigns.

More than likely Facebook will simply evolve and eventually morph into whatever form the users dictate. There could be less focus on text messages and an increase in video usage and picture sharing that reflects the growth in popularity of Instagram and Snapchat with young people.

If you are looking for a young, edgy platform to deliver your campaign, then maybe Facebook isn’t the right channel but there’s no denying the fact that it remains the universal big daddy of social media.

Blog opinion of PR Manager Vicky Hickman.

Vicky Hickman :