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Grammar gaffes

Saturday 4th March 2017 is Grammar Day, so naturally we decided to pull together our favourite grammar gaffes. From misspellings to misplaced apostrophes, if you are a grammar addict like us then you will find these just as irritating – and amusing – as we did.


To or Too


When Donald Trump’s official inauguration print was released, the new president found himself appearing in the headlines not because it was an important moment in history, but because there was a glaring error on the print.




We thought the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’ is pretty clear, but it seems the White House team needs some help in clarifying that. The fact that President Trump also tweeted a photo of the inauguration crowd with the wrong date on it only compounds the agony.


Less or Fewer


Some years ago Tesco was caught up in a debate over its fast checkouts. The signs read “ten items or less”. But grammar experts will spot that it should read “ten items or fewer” instead of using the word “less”.


In the end Tesco decided to go with something different to end the debate, and now the signs read “up to ten items” – much clearer!


It’s or Its

Before we send any marketing material to print we double, triple and even quadruple check it for any errors. But Starbucks seemed to neglect this checking process with this header on one of their in-store banners:


Image Source: www.apostrophecatastrophes.com


We are hoping that it was just an oversight on their behalf… because it’s quite embarrassing for the large coffee brand otherwise.


If you type ‘grammar errors’ into Google, thousands of error-riddled signs and adverts pop up – definitely worth a scroll through if you are in need of a laugh. Or why not take a look at apostropheamnesty.com and submit some of your own.


Happy Grammar Day everyone!

Sophie Edwards :