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Six tips for effective Christmas marketing

Been a bit slow to think about Christmas? Here are some seasonal marketing tips to get your Christmas marketing moving.

Canny businesses know that their Christmas marketing drive is probably the most important one of the year and will take care to plan a coordinated campaign for Christmas well in advance. They know it’s a great time to stay in touch with loyal customers and to gain repeat business, or simply remind them that you’re there, until they are ready to spend.

“A well designed, eye-catching card is a great way to remind customers that might otherwise have forgotten that it’s still worth spending with you.”

Christmas marketing tip #1 – make your Christmas cards work harder

A well designed, eye-catching card is a great way to remind customers that might otherwise have forgotten that it’s still worth spending with you. Loyal customers like to be remembered with a card, and if you’re having them custom printed for your business, they’ll be a great reminder of what you offer during the holiday season and into the New Year. But you can go one further. Consider including company information or details of special events or special offers. It’s practical but personal way of making sure your best customers know.

If you’re a very small business and not having custom cards printed, simply enclose your business card. That way, your information is to hand if they decide they need your services.

Christmas marketing tip #2 – remind loyal customers you exist all year round

If your client likes your calendar, then it’s going to be up near their desk, so sending one as a gift is a great way to remind clients of your business all year round. Other great ‘all year round’ gift options include mugs, pens and key rings. Snow globes containing your logo are fun and will almost certainly sit on desks for a couple of months, especially if your product is winter related e.g. ski equipment, or cold remedies.

Christmas marketing tip #3 – make your postage pay its way

While you’re posting Christmas cards, why not take the opportunity to up the ante on your Christmas marketing by including gift cards for your most valuable clients, or flyers advertising special events such as late night shopping or one-off Christmas sale events. It’s a busy time of year, and if you can offer shoppers greater convenience such as free personal shopping, or free extras such as gift wrapping, or even in-store pampering while they shop, they’re far more likely to favour your store over others.

If you’re marketing to businesses that tend to put off big spending decisions until the New Year, special offers or payment plans can help to pull sales in. Think about other ways to include your Christmas marketing message. So put flyers in with invoices and parcels too.

Christmas marketing tip #4 – revisit old leads

If you’re in a business that tends to sell on yearly contracts, go back and look at the prospects you quoted for 10 months ago. They may be ready to switch to you, or may just have taken a year to realise that you were the better option. And a card, flyer or special offer might make all the difference.

Christmas marketing tip #5 – make your customers feel good about spending with you

Christmas makes some people feel uneasy about so much conspicuous consumption. While money off offers can be good, you could try Christmas marketing with a charity theme instead. Promise to donate a percentage of whatever they spend with you at Christmastime to a relevant charity. That way they feel good about your business and about themselves too. Include this information in your Christmas cards. You could even pick an image and message that highlights the donation.

 Christmas marketing tip #6 – use invitation only events to generate new leads

Loyal customers probably know other potential loyal customers. Try holding an exclusive ‘invitation only’ Christmas marketing event with special offers plus free gift wrapping or canapés. And hook into this network by encouraging your existing customers to bring a like-minded friend along by making the invitations ‘plus one’. It’ll help you gain customers that may stay with you year round.


Steve Lodge: Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.