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Connotations of colour in design

In design there is a number of connotations that come with the use of certain colours, and last week The Pantone Colour Institute announced it was adding a new colour to its extensive list – a new shade of purple in honour of the singer, Prince – and we love it.

Using ‘Love Symbol #2’ in design

Studies show that purple is a colour that is favoured by females, which was certainly proved when our Director, Katie, liked the colour enough to share a news article on The Guardian announcing its creation. It is, therefore, deemed to be a more feminine colour, but there are also a lot of other perceptions when it comes to using purple in design.

Creative, imaginative and wise are all traits that are linked to the colour purple, and it also has perceptions of wealth and glamour too. No surprise then, that brands such as Cadbury and Premier Inn both use purple in their branding.

Designing around colours

So why is colour important in design? It can leave the customer with connotations of a brand simply by looking at a logo.

Take Oxygen, for example. The colour yellow has connotations of clarity and warmth, and is known as being the colour of happiness – and we’re a pretty happy bunch most of the time

As our designer adds ‘Love Symbol #2’ to her ‘favourites’ tab, it might be time to reflect on your own branding and what connotations your colour theme is giving off – maybe it’s time for a change. Have you considered purple?

Sophie Edwards: