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CASE STUDY: Creating a cross-company communications campaign for Ericsson

Oxygen has worked with the telecommunications brand Ericsson in the area of internal communications since 2008. This presented a new opportunity for us: a cross-company communications campaign to get multiple mobile communications companies to collaborate and meet a strict target date for mobile mast decommissioning. Targeting staff of major mobile phone networks and operators in a multi-billion pound project to decommission and share phone masts was a daunting prospect.

Working with the Berkshire-based Ericsson transformation team we created a new brand called Godiva 1010. It was fresh and engaging, built around the ‘clock ticking’ scenario that’s common to TV shows like ‘24’.

Design and creation of communication tools

The main communication tool was an Extranet which we designed and hand-coded. This took registrations from everyone involved in the project, and delivered online content designed to engage and inform of project progress. We also handled email campaigns to the registrants encouraging activity on the site.

As well as creating the brand, we were involved in organising four significant brand events in 2 days across the UK, working with Active Group in the event implementation. The assets included graphic displays, visitor packs, literature, interactive presentations and video integration.

We also worked on two grand parties at Keele Hall and Battersea Power Station attended by more than 1000 people. As part of this process Oxygen designed dozens of elements:

• branded giveaways including booklets, pens, sweets, and iPod skins (including sourcing and delivery)
• Flash-based movies and graphics
• PowerPoint slides
• literature stands and literature
• hanging signs and posters.

Successful campaign outcome

The overall objective was to achieve a significant and ambitious cross-mobile network target by October 2010 (hence Godiva 1010) and the target was achieved – on time and on budget.

Commenting on the success, the Communications Manager at Ericsson said:

“The experience of Oxygen is especially useful, providing us with a pro-active sounding board for our ideas while knowing that they are on-hand to make our requirements a reality. There is no compromise on quality, reliability and consistency.”


Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.

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