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Bring your business cards into the digital age with NFC

You probably already know that you can now pay for items in a shop using just your mobile. This technology is nothing new – it’s called Near Field Communication (NFC) and you’ve probably had it on your Android or Microsoft smartphone for years and never known it exists, or what it does.

NFC enables you to tap your phone to the pay machines in a shop to instantly pay for your items using your smartphone. Clever ey!

We can now take advantage of this technology and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Do you feel like giving out your standard business cards is a bit old fashioned these days?

Oxygen has the answer! We can provide you with an estimate to print your business cards with an extra secret. We can add an NFC chip into your business cards, amazing! Adding NFC chips into your business cards allows you to add ‘actions’ to instantly connect with your client.

Here are a few of the actions you could choose from:

  • Instantly add your contact details to their phonebook
  • Promote you smartphone app
  • Instantly connect your social networks
  • Navigate to your office using navigation applications

All your clients need to do is turn the NFC setting on, on their device, then tap their device to your business card and they are instantly taken to the intended action. It’s that simple. We can add this NFC chip to many other promotional items, such as: badges, pens, postcards, the list goes on.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now for more information or a free estimate.

Call: 01884 255999

Email: enquiries@oxygenagency.co.uk




Emma Fowle :Emma graduated with a degree in design and came to Oxygen straight from college in 2012. She is experienced in design for print and web.

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